The first son and the first fruits of a crop had a special significance for the Hebrews and other ancient peoples in the area, and were dedicated to God to ensure a blessing on the rest of the family or the crop. The first-born son had special privileges in inheritance (Deut. 21:15–17) and authority (2 Kgs. 2:9). The last of the plagues inflicted on Egypt was the death of the first-born, and the ritual of the feast of Passover owed something to the memory of this (Exod. 13:11–16). In the NT Jesus is called the first-born of the Father (Rom. 8:29; Rev. 1:5).
Paul regards his first converts in Asia as first-fruits (Rom. 16:5, NRSV marg.), and Christians in this earthly life have already received the first-fruits of the Spirit [[➝ spirit]] (Rom. 8:23).

Dictionary of the Bible.


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